The joints of the body can often become worn down over time, causing painful movements and mobility concerns. Though any joint can be affected, the hips and knees are the most common areas for problems. Though there are surgical procedures that can help to restore the function of the joint, most people try to avoid invasive treatments as long as they can. With a Joint Restoration and Preservation Specialist, people may be able to prolong the need for surgery and preserve the function of their joints.

There are several types of treatment that can help people who are dealing with painful joint conditions. The goal of these treatments is to preserve the cartilage the patient has and to prevent the early onset of arthritis symptoms. Key areas of treatment include:

1. Physical therapy has proven beneficial in helping people to regain their mobility after painful joint conditions occur. A physical therapist works with the patient to strengthen the supporting structures of the joints so pain is relieved. With this therapy, people can avoid disability, regain mobility, ease pain and increase their strength. With a targeted treatment plan, people can protect their joint health.

2. Bracing is another option for treatment through a

3. Joint Restoration and Preservation Specialist Panama City FL

4. Braces can help to give added support to the injured joint so a person is able to regain their mobility and prevent further injury. Braces are typically used for a certain period of healing time. After this period, they may be used to prevent injury during work or exercise.

5. Injections can be made to help in healing the joint and in pain relief. Steroid injections help to stop the painful inflammation that often causes a person to be unable to move their joint freely. These injections, when used as a part of other treatments recommended by the Joint Restoration and Preservation Specialist Panama City FL area , can help a person through the process of healing.

Those who are dealing with ongoing joint pain can find relief with these treatments. For more information, visit They can provide you with all of the information you need so you can make a wise decision for your care.

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