A beautiful smile is not complete when a person is missing some of their teeth. Teeth may be lost through injuries, cavities or gum disease. No matter how many teeth a person may be missing, there is help to be found through titanium dental implants Westbury NY. Titanium implants allow a person to have their teeth restored, so they eat and smile with confidence. Those who are considering having implants put in should read through this information so they can be prepared.

These days, many people are seeking their dentist about Titanium Dental Implants in Westbury NY. These implants allow a person to replace any missing teeth in their mouth so they can feel confident in their smile. There are two steps that must be taken before a dental implant is complete. The dentist will start the process with surgery.

Oral surgery takes place in the dental office to ensure the root part of the implant tooth can be put in place. The root portion of the tooth must be implanted in the jawbone so it can bond with the bone. The bonding process must take place and usually does within six months. This time period allows new bone cells to begin growing, so the titanium implant becomes fully bonded in the bone. The bonding process is the only way these teeth are able to function like natural teeth.

After this period of time has passed, a person will come back in for the second portion of their treatment. Patients are most excited for this part of the procedure because they finally are able to see their new teeth in their full form. Once the tooth crown is placed over the titanium root, the two pieces become one, and the implant looks and performs like a natural tooth. The tooth crown completely covers the titanium anchor and meets flush with the gum tissue.

Implants are meant to last a lifetime and with proper care they may. Those who are interested in learning more about implants should schedule an appointment. A consultation appointment will allow people to learn if they are a good candidate for these implant teeth so they can get started on restoring their smile.

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