For people that find themselves unable to work because of a disease or injury, a way that they can bring in income is through Social Security disability benefits. However, one thing that these sort of benefits are notorious for is being difficult to get. Even for people with legitimate disabilities, there is no guarantee that their initial disability claim will be accepted. In these instances, many people turn to the services of an attorney to help them with rejected Social Security Disability Claims in Bellingham WA.

An Initial Review

In many situations, especially for people who clearly qualify for these benefits and have had their initial claim rejected, the attorney will request that their claim be reviewed. Often times, this is the only step that is needed to have their disability claim accepted. However, if a second review is unsuccessful, the attorney can petition the Social Security Administration for an appeal to a secondary review board.

A Secondary Appeal and Lawsuits

If the claim is not excepted following a second appeal review, then the attorney may have to file suit against the Social Security Administration. While this is the last option for a reversal of a rejected Social Security Disability Claims in Bellingham WA, it also proves to be one of the most successful options. The only downside is that it’s a long road to get there and it will take a great deal of time and effort.

Affordable Legal Services

For people that need this type of disability, it’s not likely that they will have a great deal of money to spend on legal services. That’s why Social Security disability claim attorneys work on a contingency basis. In addition, any administrative charges that are assessed to their clients win or lose are typically rather inexpensive.

If you’re facing a situation where your claim for Social Security disability benefits has been turned down, you may want to speak with an attorney. If you need to learn more about what a Social Security disability attorney can do for you or you want to schedule a consultation appointment, you can Browse the website for more information.

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