Many people commute by some form of the Metro on a daily basis, whether by bus or train and are therefore subject to being involved in an accident. Metro Accidents can be quite confusing as the injured parties are trying to figure out who is responsible for their injuries and what all is involved in going to court. An attorney who handles Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro, Maryland takes cases of clients who have been involved in Metro accidents. Here are some of the complex situations that may occur.

Understanding Metro Accidents Law in Maryland

The confusion that ensues after a Metro accident has occurred can be overwhelming, so the person who is one of the injured parties in the accident should consult with an attorney who is experienced at litigating those kinds of cases. The injured party must realize he or she has three years to file the lawsuit in a Maryland civil court. If the case is not filed within that time frame, the case will likely go unheard, and the injured party will be barred from being awarded damages.

More Things to Understand about Metro Accidents Law

There are likely to be many people involved in a Metro accident. Thus the injured party who desires to ensure he or she gets the best possible representation will secure the best attorney possible. If the insurance company of the Metro can find any way to make the injured parties partly responsible for what happened to them, the injured party will not be able to collect anything at all. The insurance company could also offer the injured party a settlement that is significantly less than what the injured party could get.

A Lawyer Available in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

The Jaklitsch Law Group has been providing successful legal defense for clients injured in a Metro accident for over 50 years in the Upper Marlboro, Maryland area. Clients can consult with the law group for all types of personal injury cases with a free initial consultation. If there are any who have been involved in Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the law group is available. Get more information at the website,

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