Increasingly, people are opting out of the rat race earlier in life to live a peaceful calm life doing what they please. Nobody waits for retirement anymore. Once they have earned enough to sustain them for the rest of their lives, they would like to invest in a place where they can enjoy life on their terms. With nuclear families and children staying far from the parents, senior homes have increased relevance today. There are New Residential Projects in Ahmedabad and other cities which provide this.

When we hear the term senior citizen, it brings to mind people who are elderly and need help. Not so, some retirement homes provide the same lifestyle people are used to – people in the fifties have chosen to live there. Investing in such a home makes sense as they can live comfortably and once the realities of old age set in, as they will inevitably, the retirement homes provide the assisted living facilities as well.

Let’s look at some of the unique features:

Community: The main plus for this is living in a community of like-minded people in similar age groups. This helps them to form bonds and enjoy activities together

Security: Considering the age of the residents, these homes have security features like 24-hour security personnel, alarm bells within the houses in case of emergencies, brighter lights in common areas

Medical facility: There is a doctor on call within the premises and ambulance service is provided for emergencies. A medical centres is also available for check-ups.

Meals: There is a provision to provide all meals to the residents. A nutritionist is available and provides special diets for people with diabetes and hypertensive patients, as well as other nutritional requirements.

Age-friendly construction: Considering the elderly, higher level seating, skid-proof flooring, handrails along passages are provided. All areas are wheelchair enabled.

New Residential Projects in Ahmedabad and other cities have such senior homes and housing complexes which help you to enjoy the present and provide for the future.

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