A small cargo trailer in Lancaster PA has endless possibilities for uses. Cargo trailers can be anything from a small open trailer that attaches to the back of a car to hold a scooter or wheelchair, to an enclosed trailer that can safely hold several items. A small size is ideal for being towed by a compact car or even a motorcycle.

Considerations for Sizing

Small is a relative term so it is important to have a general idea of what will be placed on or in the trailer. A narrow and longer Small Cargo Trailer in Lancaster PA, for example, is perfect for canoes and kayaks, custom made picture frames or long manual tools. A square shape will be better for larger items that have some depth.

The towing capacity of the vehicle is another factor. Drivers will want to consult their owner’s manuals to discover the recommended weight limit the vehicle can handle. Exceeding that can result in damage to the back end of the car, the tires, and even the engine.

Cost is a consideration as well. The size and the material of the trailer will both affect the cost. A lightweight material, such as aluminum, will be less expensive than reinforced steel. Pricing typically goes up as the size does, but a steel trailer that is six feet high by six feet wide may be the same price as an aluminum one that is eight feet high by ten feet wide.


An experienced retailer will have a variety of trailers available in several sizes and price ranges. Selection assistance is provided by knowledgeable staff. People buying their first trailer may have no idea of what will fit in a specific size cargo trailer.

In addition to cargo trailers, trailers for construction, utility work, landscaping, hauling, and dumping are also offered. Accessories, such as hitches, dollies, wheels and tires, and mufflers can be found as well. Those seeking a trailer can go to Tool Shed to browse the inventory and get a trailer that suits the need perfectly. Customers can go online for directions to the location, and more information.

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