The gums and palate under a full denture are under continuous pressure; over time this results in a loss of bone and gum tissue. The jaw bone was never designed to withstand this type of pressure, it eventually resorbs and the denture no longer fits snugly.

Loose dentures are a common problem, especially for those who wear a full denture. Depending on the condition of the denture and the amount of change in the dental arch it may be necessary to get a new denture or the existing denture can be relined.

To determine what denture service in Downers Grove is required your dentist must make an assessment based on the degree of satisfaction you have with your current dentures. Your dentist will want to know:

  • Are you still happy with your appearance?
  • Can you chew properly?
  • Is your bite functional?
  • Is the denture worn to the point where it needs to be replaced?

If the assessment is such that your current denture is still good, your dentist can reline it. As the rate of bone and tissue loss varies from one person to another, some denture wearers will need more frequent denture service in Downers Grove than others.

There are two different ways your dentist can reline your denture:

Temporary: This approach to relining can easily last a year or more before it needs to be done again. Your dentist will use a moldable material that is compressed between the denture and your mouth. When the material hardens it fills any small voids where there has been tissue shrinkage.

Permanent: The same process that is described above is used except once it has been completed; the denture is sent to a dental lab. At the lab the temporary material is replaced with a more permanent material. This approach will last considerably longer but it does mean you will be without the denture while it is being relined.

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