A dashboard includes several gauges designed to give the driver critical information with a quick glance. Malfunctioning gauges may endanger the vehicle and make driving unsafe. Auto Gauge Repairs in Arizona AZ will make sure the driver has the information needed to safely use the vehicle.

The speedometer tells the driver how fast he or she is going. Without a speed gauge, it may be difficult to know how to adjust one’s speed to appropriate levels. A speedometer that is not functioning properly may lead the driver to go an unsafe speed. The unsafe speed may result in a speeding ticket or, even worse, an accident. A speedometer may not be showing an accurate speed if there has been a change in the size of tires on the vehicle. The speedometer will need to be adjusted for the new tire size. A transmission replacement can also make the speedometer inaccurate if the wrong speedometer gear is used.

The tachometer shows how fast the engine is revving. This gauge is particularly important for vehicles that have a standard transmission. The driver can watch the gauge to know when to shift the vehicle into another gear. In automatic transmission cars, this gauge will also demonstrate that the car is shifting at the right points.

The fuel gauge lets the owner know how much fuel is in the tank. When the tank is getting low, it is time to buy more gas. A malfunctioning fuel gauge may cause the driver to run out of gas, stranding the driver at an inconvenient location. Frequently running out of gas may damage the car and cause the fuel pump to fail.

The temperature gauge measures the temperature of the engine coolant. A car that is turned off will have a cold reading. As the car runs, the coolant will heat to an appropriate range. If the reading shows that the temperature is in the hot range, the engine cooling system is not functioning properly. A temperature gauge that is malfunctioning may lead the owner to drive the vehicle when the engine is too hot, which can cause significant damage.

Dashboard gauges provide important information for each driver. If the gauges are not functioning properly, safety and equipment may be compromised. Contact Dick’s Speed-O-Tach for Auto Gauge Repairs in Arizona AZ for any repair needs.

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