When summer hits in North Carolina, it hits hard. The southern summers can be harsh on Charlotte roofing as the roof of a house gets the brunt force of the unpredictable summer storms that roll in, sometimes making the roof the first thing to go in a natural disaster. With the hottest months bringing in hard weather like tornados and hailstorms, the summer can be the most costly time for North Carolina homeowners. Keeping your roof in the best shape means avoiding costly damages to not only your roof, but also the interior of your home. Taking the essential steps to protect your roof from disaster will save you plenty down the line.

Inspections are a key part of protecting your roof from irreparable damage. R Brothers Restoration can assess the state of your roof before the hard summer weather takes its toll. R Brothers roofers can check the components of your roof for proper enforcement and identify weakened or damaged areas on your roof that could spell trouble should a nasty thunderstorm hit. Roofers are able to reinforce roofing, perform roof repair and provide suggestions on different types of shingles that could better protect a homeowner’s roof. Hiring a trained professional to examine your roof and prep it for the summer months can save you from dipping into your vacation fund to do major roof repairs after a hail storm.

In Charlotte, roofing for homes needs to be correctly braced and reinforced to ensure that roofs last through even the worst weather. With R Brothers Restoration, you can receive a FREE assessment & receive $250 voucher toward minor repairs that can improve the safety of your roof. If you like the work done on your house, you can receive $200 in R Brothers Restoration, LLC whenever you refer a friend to R Brothers! Protecting your roof is the best way to keep your house and your family safe from the elements. By getting professional inspections done and managing smaller repairs, your roof will be ready to take on the summer months without fail.

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