When homeowners work hard to keep their drains and pipes clean within the house, one place they often overlook is the floor drains. These drains are not the ones located on the shower floor or within the bathtub, even though they resemble each other. Instead, these drains are usually found in the basement, garage, or laundry and utility rooms. The best way to avoid Residential Drain Cleaning in Lima Ohio is by proper maintenance.

Make Sure Traps Are Filled

The purpose of all floor drains, no matter if they are indoors or outdoors, is to catch the overflow and quickly move the water away from any surfaces where it can cause damage. All drains are equipped with traps, whose job it is to prevent noxious odors and gasses from the sewer entering the home. When the traps are inadequately filled, the odors and gasses escape the drain and can actually cause health issues to those who live within the home. It is very easy to fill the traps in any floor drain. Simply pour one gallon of water into the drain and the trap will automatically fill and form a barrier against the unwanted gaseous visitors.

Don’t Wait To Clear Clogs

There is a multitude of things which can collect in the drain pipe and cause a clog. Whether it be pet hair, dust bunnies, or random household scraps, they all can work together to create the perfect storm in regards to clogged drains. As soon as it is noticed that the pipe is draining slowly, it is best to get to work cleaning the clog to avoid potentially costly repairs. If the clog is minor, it can typically be cleared with a few swift upstrokes with a household plunger. However, more major clogs may require Residential Drain Cleaning in Lima Ohio.

Visit Website for more information on easy to perform preventative maintenance to keep those drains working as they should. It may seem like a small thing to have a slow drain but these little problems can snowball into major issues very quickly. Schedule a professional cleaning today to set the mind at ease. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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