There are situations where a septic system will be the only option for a home. Buildings that are built too far away from a town or a city may not be able to connect to municipal water lines. As such, they have to use other alternatives for water (a well) and for waste (a septic system).

This can pose a challenge for certain landowners, as some properties are not suitable for a traditional septic system. For example, a home built on land with a lot of clay, silt or rocks may not have a suitable area for a leaching field. Smaller lots may not have enough space and property with mature trees or other permanent structures may have this issue as well.

The good news is that there in an alternative called an aerobic system. However, when choosing this option, it’s important to have an Aerobic Maintenance Contract in place as well.

What is an Aerobic System?

An aerobic system is a septic system that uses oxygen to break down the waste that goes into a septic tank. The benefit to this is that properties that aren’t suitable for a traditional system due to space or lack of soil can have a septic tank as the leaching field size will be reduced by half.

The Benefits of an Aerobic System

Space is a major benefit to this type of system, but that’s not all. Aerobic systems also sterilize the liquid that goes through the system, which allows for usable water for sprinkler systems. This offers a major savings and allows for drought areas to water lawns without using potable water.

Another benefit is that an aerobic systems reduce the risk of contaminating surrounding water supplies with waste. The system purifies the liquids that pass through making them cleaner and safer for the environment.

Maintaining an Aerobic System

Aerobic systems are more complex than standard septic systems. As such, they need regular maintenance and should be checked at least three times a year. With an Aerobic Maintenance Contract, homeowners can make this system worry free, as the company they hire will come out according to the contract to check the system.

Aerobic systems aren’t new, but they are gaining momentum, especially in dryer areas of the country. If you’re interested in this type of system, visit and see if it’s right for you. You can like their Facebook page for more information.

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