Making the Dream a Reality with a CDL License Chicago

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

As a young child embarks on their first road trip with parents, the first item to catch their eyes is the big trucks along the road. Then, as they receive trucks for presents, their imagination starts up and dreams start to form. Taking the well-known trucker talk that you hear in cartoons and movies of 10 – 4 and over and out is common. As more children join in, the game becomes what they envision the open road to look like. This is just the ember that is needed to spark the interest for a career choice of the future.


As they grows, love for trucks also grows. The love turns into ambitions to become a commercial driver. The time has come to embark on this much needed career choice. However, it is not as easy as procuring the perfect vehicle to drive for the journey. As with many other career choices, a very important step is missing in the equation: the knowledge to understand the vehicle, how it works, and how to do minor maintenance. Also, the knowledge of how to drive the vehicle is just as important.


Once the training is complete, just as when you got your driver’s license, you need to take a test to get your CDL License in Chicago. The test is comprised of three main parts. First, there is a medical exam that is needed to show you are in good health and able to physically handle the job. Second, there is a written test. The test will help to show off the knowledge that was obtained in school. Third, is the driving exam, however, the exam is more than just driving. It is showing proper inspection of the vehicle. After the test, it is important to show your confidence of the knowledge that you have from school. Once you have obtained your CDL, and all endorsements that are specifically needed for the type of commercial vehicle you have chosen, you are ready to start your new career.


Whether the dream started as a young child when taking their first road trip, or simply a love for the open road, becoming a commercial driver is a prodigious career choice. By taking the time to acquire the education needed, you are setting yourself up for the right career.


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