One of the most challenging aspects of starting a small business, developing a new product or service, or selling something unique and original is in finding a market. Choosing business events allowing you to share your product and service with the largest number of people in the most opportune way should be a priority.

There are different types of business events which are beneficial to any entrepreneur, startup company or small business. These should be part of your marketing and advertising plan and budget.

Networking and Making Contacts

One of the best advantages to exhibiting, presenting or attending workshops and presentations is the socialization opportunities provided. Interacting with other small business owners and entrepreneurs can be a great source of networking possibilities.

Often small businesses use these specialized types of business events to introduce new products and services. These events can involve thousands of attendees and opportunities for sales and networking around new products is amazing. Simple attending and seeing what is new is also an important part of staying on top of the market.

Provide Information

Having a booth at these business events is a wonderful way to share information about your products and services. However, there are other options to consider as well. In some cases you may not want to exhibit but a business can still be recognized through sponsorship of a part of the event, through email advertising opportunities through the host organization or through banner ads and direct advertising through the website.

If you have a specific area of expertise in small business management, advertising, social media marketing or even in human resource management you may want to consider offering to do a presentation at the conference.

This is an effective way to get your name out there as an expert. You can also connect with business owners interested in your area of specialization, providing additional networking and marketing opportunities moving forward. Workshops are well attended at these events and are typically short presentations allowing for a lot of creativity and discussion.

There are many different ways to get involved in business events and small business trade shows in your area. This is an excellent way to interact with business owners, potential customers and clients and to also learn more about how to successfully run a small business from those with true small business experience.

When trying to choose effective business events to market and promote your products and services choose to attend a small business trade show. To register or to book a booth contact us at

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