Making Use of RoIP In Your Business

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Business

Businesses already make extensive use of VoIP technologies and have seen the benefits that it can provide to their operations with enhanced communications, increased productivity and reduced costs. RoIP is a service which can offer similar benefits to many industries which depend on radio communications. Being able to use a data network to extend radio communications services is important for commercial, industrial and safety applications.

RoIP enables radios in different networks to interoperate over the Internet

RoIP enables standard PTT (push-to-talk) radios to connect over an IP network, e.g. the Internet. Radio networks may include fixed two-way radio, handheld  and mobile units as well as RoIP gateways to interface with the IP network. As such, RoIP offers numerous advantages for enhanced radio communications.

Extend the range of local radio. Radios beyond the range or line of sight of a local network can communicate directly using RoIP. RoIP Gateways can be positioned to serve local radios and route communications over the IP network to other radio networks. The individual radio networks may be separated by structures, terrain, or great distance. Radio users deep underground can also use RoIP networks to communicate with coworkers on the surface or in other parts of tunnel complexes or mining operations.

Interoperate different radio systems. Different radio systems can interconnect using RoIP regardless of the standards employed in each network. RoIP gateways stream communications using Internet protocols between the radio endpoints while handling the conversion to the local radio network.

Access VoIP services. Radios can also use RoIP to connect to cellular or landline telephones anywhere in the world. RoIP gateways allow radios to access VoIP services just like a regular phone. In fact, VoIP-enabled radios can provide the same calling features as a regular phone.

RoIP provides a range of design solutions to enhance radio communications, increase efficiency and improve productivity for any business which relies on radio to conduct operations. This technology also can be used for completely new applications and programs with RoIP as a main part of their functionality.


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