In Pennsylvania, worker’s compensation provides monetary assistance for injured workers. The federally-required policy offers the full payment of medical treatment and monetary benefits to replace wages. A Workers Compensation Attorney Pittsburgh PA represents all workers who have a viable claim against their employer and insurer.

Common Reasons Claims are Denied

The common reasons include a failure to follow company policies, a positive drug or alcohol test, and legal loopholes. When the insurer notifies the worker, a reason is provided that explains why the claim was denied. The worker must give the letter to their attorney when filing a legal claim.

Errors to Review

Frequent errors identified in worker’s compensation claims are failures to meet specific guidelines. The worker is responsible for reporting the accident and injuries to their employer. The deadline is one month from the date of the accident. Doctors must send the medical report to the insurance agency within ten days of completing the medical assessment. If any deadlines pass without action, the insurer could deny the claim.

Starting a Legal Claim

The worker starts a legal claim when they have an eligible injury and are denied by the insurer. If the employer fails to file a claim, the employer is liable. The attorney must review any claim submitted to the insurer and all documentation for the victim’s injuries. The lawyer informs the worker if a lawsuit is possible.

What Can the Worker Expect?

If the worker wins their case, The monetary award reflects all financial losses. The exact injuries define whether or not the victim is entitled to a larger settlement and if they can return to work in the future. The court determines the total value of the worker’s award.

In Pennsylvania, worker’s compensation is required when any employer hires more than one worker. The policies offer monetary benefits for workers who cannot return to work immediately. The coverage also pays for medical costs related to the worker’s injuries. The claims adjuster for the insurer denies or approves the worker’s claim. Workers who need legal help contact a Workers Compensation Attorney Pittsburgh PA at the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas today.

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