Nearly three-quarters of the freight in the world’s largest economy moves by road. That puts nearly ten billion tons of consumer goods, industrial parts, and commodities on American highways every year, with the world’s largest truck fleet being responsible for shuttling all of that around. All of these trucks of course, need trained drivers, and demand for these professionals is only expected to grow.

With an economic situation that otherwise seems to bespeak uncertainty, then, truck driving is increasingly looking like a good option for the future. Professional truck drivers make secure, middle-class livings, whether they choose to focus on long-haul, over-the-road driving or stick to local routes. While the profession is not for everyone, many people do find it a satisfying way to pay the bills and rack up savings. Whether for the sense of adventure inherent in traveling all over the United States or the pleasure of driving a regular route well, truck drivers regularly exhibit high levels of career contentment in surveys.

Fortunately, getting started as a truck driver can also be relatively easy. Although a Commercial Driver’s License is required for any kind of paid, professional driving, acquiring one is less difficult than many people suppose. Within a couple of months of classroom and in-the-cab training, in fact, most people become equipped with all of the skills needed to pass the necessary tests.

Among those who choose Star Truck Driving School for CDL training, too, passing rates are high. Well-established institutions like Star Truck Driving School have the training process down to a science, ensuring that their students waste neither time nor money as they progress on the road toward realizing their dreams.

Even arranging for financing for school is often quite easy. In fact, many companies offer help or even full scholarships to those who commit to driving for them, an option that can make becoming a driver basically risk-free. Students who choose Star Truck Driving School for CDL education have many great options, as well, with most opting to take out easy, low-interest loans that they pay back quickly upon graduation, leaving them ready to enjoy a new career.

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