For many business owners, their businesses are their lives. That’s why making the decision to sell a business can be extremely challenging. However, selling a business may be the best choice if you are ready for retirement, or you wish to engage in divestment – releasing your business’s value so that you can invest it somewhere else. This keeps you from having most all of your wealth tied up in the company. The complicated process of selling a business can be seamless with the help of a qualified business broker.

Importance of a Broker
Successfully marketing a Chicago business for sale requires several core steps. It’s important to note that a typical private company transaction is different from a general business brokerage transaction, as the former is usually bigger and more complex. Also, the acquirer of the business tends to be more sophisticated. This type of opportunity is hardly advertised online when handled appropriately. Thus, matching a buyer and a seller in such a transaction requires extensive planning and research – something a reputable business broker can handle effectively.

Goals, Valuation, and Presentation
One of the first steps to complete when selling a business is to define success according to your perspective. When brokers understand your goals, they can ensure that the best business exit plan is created. Next, it is necessary to have a third party complete a business valuation to determine your business’s market value. The next step involves putting together a confidential memorandum, which is used to present your company to potential buyers. A thorough and well-written overview of your business is the key to sparking excitement among buyers.

Buyers, Negotiation, and Closing
Brokers can help to identify, reach, attract, and screen possible buyers in a way that will cause your return on investment to be strong in the end. Once you have found a buyer for your Chicago business for sale, brokers oversee all aspects of the negotiation and ensure that the transaction is consummated in a timely fashion. With the assistance of an experienced broker, you can profitably say goodbye to your business and embrace a new stage of business or life.

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