Minneapolis SEO Company Discusses Inclusive Language

by | Apr 3, 2024 | SEO

Over the past several years, you may have noticed that you have been hearing more about inclusive language. Yet, what exactly do individuals mean when they say that? And why should you give it any thought when writing for the web?

What Is Inclusive Language?

According to an SEO consultant in Minneapolis, language that doesn’t use words that might leave out people from marginalized groups is called “inclusive language.” Most of the time, these words reinforce bias, shame, or elimination. When people use inclusive language, they choose words less likely to be seen as harmful or exclusive. But these other options are also meant to keep the message the same.

A reputable Minneapolis SEO company shares that people who support inclusive words usually want society to be more open to everyone. People use language all the time, and it’s known to be able to make ideas or views seem normal. So, staying away from words that suggest sexist, racist, ableist, or other biased ideas can help more people feel like they belong in society.

Why Use It?

Any Minneapolis SEO company that knows what they are doing will tell you that you want as many people as possible to see, read, and enjoy the things you put on your website. It’s moral and smart to avoid particular words and sentences if you want people to feel seen and heard in your writing.

You can reach more people by making open content. If people feel as though you wrote it for them, they are more likely to interact with it, link to it, or share it. Thus, it is suitable for SEO and also helps with sales.

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