Storing the family’s belongings during a move requires a balance between the moving crew and the storage facility. If everything doesn’t go just right, it may cause big and expensive issues. Below is a look at some of the most common mistakes tenants make when moving into a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore, as well as some tips for doing it right.

Uncertainty Over What the Moving Crew is Bringing

Before renting a storage locker, get answers from the movers as to what type of vehicle they’ll be using. Most companies use large moving trucks, while others use trailers or 18-wheelers. Confirm the vehicle type and dimensions along with its weight at the vehicle’s maximum capacity.

Not Directing the Movers

While movers are great at unloading things, the customer is the real boss. It’s best for customers to let the moving crew know how things should be arranged in the storage unit before the unloading process starts. It’s particularly important to speak up if there are plans to retrieve certain items in the future. Aisles must be created, and boxes must be arranged, so the labels are visible. Finally, customers should tell the movers whether to stack or arrange furniture.

Not Renting Enough Space

It is often quite difficult to determine the family’s storage needs. If everything is already packed up and organized, it’s easier to determine exact storage needs. However, if there’s doubt, get some recommendations from the storage facility. Having a plan will minimize costs and reduce stress, especially if the moving crew is being paid by the hour.

Visiting at Times of Peak Demand

Typically, customers move belongings into or visit a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore after work or on the weekend. For most people, this is the only schedule-friendly time, but it can be problematic. If the movers charge a per-hour rate, it’s easy to reduce costs by scheduling the move during business hours on a weekday when there aren’t as many people around.

Renting a storage unit is a great way to find space for the family’s belongings, but it’s not without its pitfalls. By avoiding mistakes, new tenants will make the rental process go more smoothly. Browse the website for more details, or call S&E Mini Storage to request a quote.

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