Modern Technology Can Turn Any Piano into Player Pianos Cincinnati, OH Wirelessly

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Piano

Pianos have been a part of family life for hundreds of years. Before the iPod, before television and before the radio, family and friends gathered around the piano for entertainment. Player pianos were invented for those who did not know how to play. Families without a musician could still enjoy sing-a-longs by simply placing a roll into the piano and turning it on. The paper rolls were fragile and needed to be handled with care. Time made many of the rolls brittle and unusable. Replacements eventually became difficult to locate.

It is estimated that there are currently 10 million pianos in American homes. Some are being played, many are collecting dust. During family gatherings, many still gather around to sing songs, but the older songs have lost popularity and the music young people listen to does not always translate well onto the ivory keys. People are, instead, pulling out iPods, iPhones and iPads, plugging them into the stereo system and playing pre-selected songs or song lists. The quality of sound depends fully on the audio system that the device is connected to. Few people gather around a speaker to sing together.

Moving forward, we discover a modern version of Player Pianos Cincinnati OH. A device can be connected to any piano – spinet, counsel or even a baby grand, which will convert them into a player piano. If it can be streamed wirelessly, it can be played through the piano. The keys will move up and down while the piano plays the melody of the song. If your family has an affinity for gospel music, you can stream your favorite choir through the iPod or iPad. The piano will play the song, and the choir will still sing in the background from a speaker hidden below. Your little family could sing with a full choir. All music, rock-n-roll, techno, country and holiday songs can be streamed to the piano. The only thing limiting what the piano will play is your play list.

If you long for the days when people gathered around your piano, you can bring it back to life with Player Pianos Cincinnati OH installed onto your piano. To find out more about the device, go to When you Visit website, you can see a video demonstration. Modern technology meets an old fashioned idea, recreating the Player Pianos Cincinnati OH.

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