A home is a place of comfort and families depend on it to protect them from the elements. However, water damage will not only decrease the quality of life for those that live there but also damage the structure. This can lead to mold and mildew growth which can be harmful. Experts in Roofing Repair Bowie advise that homeowners should never ignore signs of moisture on the ceiling. If not addressed, this can lead to costly as well as dangerous issues. Here are some reasons to call a contractor.

Mold & Mildew

Once a person notices a watermark on the ceiling inside the home, there may already be mold growth. It takes less than 24 hours for a fungus to start to develop. Therefore, it is critical to handle the problem as soon as stains are noticed. Mold has an impact on the air quality inside the home. This can lead to breathing problems, sore throats, irritated eyes as well as skin. It also weakens the home’s integrity.

Damage to the Structure

When there is a water stain on the ceiling, there is damage somewhere else in the home where it is coming from. This can be in the roofing, walls, ceiling joists or the rafters. So, the source of the problem needs to be identified immediately, before fixing the stained ceiling. Allowing the problem to continue will let in more moisture. That isn’t the only issue, there can be decreased insulation, increased utility bills and the need for a full roof replacement. The costs can start to add up if not handled quickly.

Fire Hazard

Those that have electrical wiring running through the attic or through ceiling panels could be facing a fire hazard when there are water stains. The moisture can act as a conductor, then transfer the electricity to more flammable materials like the insulation in the attic. Once the water stains are noticed, turn off the electricity and contact a roofing contractor and an electrician immediately if it is known that the wiring runs up top.

Those in need of an inspection or Roofing Repair Bowie can contact Reliable Roofers Inc. They specialize in stopping leaks. They offer 24-hour emergency service in the event of roof damage. Putting the repairs off will only make the problem worse.

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