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by | Aug 12, 2015 | Moving

A lot of moving companies are in business to fulfill your moving needs. They provide a wide array of services to choose from that can enable you to customize your moving plan while still sticking to your budget. It’s important to provide a reliable provider among moving companies. Jackson residents can utilize a variety of moving services to fulfill their relocation needs.

Choose the Best Moving Company
The first question to ask when evaluating moving companies is how long the company has been in business – because experience speaks for itself. The next thing to find out is if the company is properly bonded and licensed. If you are moving across states, does the moving company have the necessary Department of Transportation or DOT number? If you are moving within the state, does the company have licensing from that state? Also, check if the company is insured. You can get a glimpse into the reputation of a company by checking its Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating or by reading through customer reviews at Citysearch, Trustlink, and Yelp, etc.

Cheap May Not Be the Best
Moving involves a lot of expenses and it is obvious that you want to be as economical as possible with your move. But lower rates do not always mean good service. Remember, when it comes to moving, you get what you pay for. However, moving costs can vary depending on which day of the week you are moving. So you may be able to find a cheaper rate if you move on a particular day of the week. Also, ask if there will be any consolidation, which means that your belongings will be combined with another person’s belongings and shipped together. This is also a way to save money but remember this could also delay the delivery of you possessions to a certain degree.

Ask your prospective provider for a free in-house estimate. You need to find out if the moving crew will have sufficient training to handle your move smoothly. Do they have the expertise to pack your fragile items securely? Will you be charged by the hour or will there be a flat rate? If necessary, find out if the company can carry out specialty moves like those involving high rises.

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