In Iowa, luxury home designs feature highly coveted amenities such as tempered glass walls and tennis courts. The concepts provide the wow factors that increase the market value and give the owner the finer things in life. Luxury Home Builders in Cedar Falls IA could provide more details about must-have amenities that are popular choices among buyers.

Spas and Saunas

The construction projects provide a relaxing environment for property owners. Common features included in the projects are heated benches that contour to the body and tile flooring for distributing steam. In conjunction with the steam capabilities, the rooms offer dry saunas and massage areas. Property owners choose light and contemporary colors for the rooms.

Game Rooms for Billiards and Bowling

The room design features a large pool table constructed of solid oak and modern textures. The adjoining room is a full-scale bowling alley with polished hardwood flooring and adequately spaced lanes. The fully equipped billiard and bowling rooms provide hours of entertainment and encourage the owner’s competitive nature.

Observatories for Star Gazers

The observatory comes equipped with the telescope of the owner’s choice. The roofing is retractable to provide a clear view of the late night sky. The construction offers slip-resistant stairs leading up to the telescope for better safety. Railings and ramps are available to accommodate all property owners.

Pet Showers and Grooming Stations

Pet owners who want to keep their furbabies fresh and clean order the pet showers and grooming stations. The addition is built inside the bathroom or as a completely different living space. The shower features a four-foot tile wall with all connecting plugging and showerheads with adequate tubing. Shelving is also available to store grooming products and fluffy towels.

Indoor Swimming Pools

An indoor swimming pool features automatic cleaners and highly effective filtration systems. Property owners have the choice between chlorine and saltwater for the installations. Popular choices for the projects are slate and sandstone tiling.

In Iowa, no luxury home is complete without the must-have amenities that set them apart. Property owners select the amenities that resonate with their chosen lifestyle and add elegance to their homes. Contractors and architects work together to present homeowners with unique designs that exceed all expectations. Property owners who want to learn more about must-have amenities contact Luxury Home Builders in Cedar Falls IA or Click Here now.

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