Long working hours and the stress of everyday living does not leave a lot of time left to care properly for your pet. More and more, busy families in Chicago are using the services of a mobile vet clinic for routine wellness checks and other procedures. Anyone who has had to deal with a panic-struck dog or cat knows that having the vet come to them rather than the other way around can lessen the anxiety of both pet and owner.

Mobile vet clinics are a great solution for people with pets who are naturally skittish, elderly pets, aggressive pets, and pets with mobility problems who are too large to carry. A mobile vet is an absolute blessing for people with unpredictable schedules, senior citizens, and families with multiple pets.

How does a mobile vet service work?

When veterinarians see their patients in their “brick and mortar” animal hospital in Chicago, they do not see them as they really are. By going to the home, the vet gets a chance to see and observe the animal in its normal surroundings. The best way for the vet to get a comprehensive understanding of the pet’s behavior and attitude is to see it at home.

Mobile clinics, by design, are limited in the services they provide. If your pet has been seriously injured or is very sick, you are far better off to rely on the clinic. Other than that, most mobile clinics offer physical examinations, blood workups, vaccinations, and counseling on such things as nutrition and senior health concerns. When the time comes, mobile vets get an opportunity to help an aging or seriously ill pet as well as the people closest to it. Having a pet euthanized at home, in comfortable surroundings, is often a far better choice when the time comes to say good-bye.

A mobile vet service is an ideal solution for many people. Visit Village West Veterinary in Chicago at https://www.villagewestvet.com/ for information on the services available.

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