In today’s electronics driven world, many consumers simply buy the electronics and take no heed of the assembly behind it. Though it is not surprising, the electronics assembly world is far from miniscule. Electronic manufacturing has various components like printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, mounting components through surface holes and through holes, de-paneling, cleaning and drying, and testing.

Companies like Caltronics Design and Assembly Inc. perform a variety of these functions for electronic assembly in Minneapolis. This company is family owned and operated in MN. It is committed to providing exceptional service whether the product is in the early stages or the final stages. In some cases, this company can bring a sketched product idea to life. The staff at Caltronics are exceptionally qualified. The engineering department are well versed in both electrical and computer engineering while the purchasing department is resourceful at locating difficult parts. The testing department controls all tests to ensure that each product is of the highest quality.

PCBs mechanically support and electrically connect various electronic components in devices using tracks, pads, and other etched in features. There are many kinds of PCBs and the type used depends on the electronic device it will be in. These boards are used in virtually every electronic item with more complex layering as the product becomes more complex. In many cases, each PCB consists of several smaller boards. These panels may have to be taken apart, which is called de-paneling, at some point in the process. Cleaning and drying completed assemblies are necessary to the vitality of the board. The cleaning technique varies depending on the method in which the board was constructed and the materials used to do so. Drying must always be done before any sort of power source is hooked up to the board.

This type of assembly is often outsourced to companies like Caltronics to aid in the mass production of consumer electronics. For example, not every computer company will make its own PCBs, if at all. A better way to spend time and resources is to outsource to such a company that produces consistent and pleasing results.

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