Need Help With Alcohol Addiction? Here Are 4 Ways a Recovery Center Can Help

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Health

Alcoholism is a disease which is difficult for many people to understand, especially those who suffer with it. Many who are addicted to alcohol are frequently embarrassed and scared of acknowledging they have a problem. When an alcoholic begins to realize the negative effects that alcohol use has on their life, career and relationships, finding safe, trusting help is crucial in their recovery. The first step in dealing with an alcohol problem is treatment, which will help you learn why you may have an addiction and begin detoxing from the alcohol. Once you have faced the reality that there is an addiction problem, in order to remain clean, sober and healthy it is important to continue with outpatient support. This is where a recovery center comes in. Here are four ways an intensive outpatient recovery program can help with an alcohol addiction:

Peer Support

A recovery center helps individuals from all walks of life and in various stages of alcoholism. This is extremely beneficial for those who feel alone in the addiction. During outpatient treatment at a recovery center you will interact with others who are facing the same problems and receive the motivation, empathy and support which is required to help you lead a clean and sober lifestyle. With peer support you are able to honestly and freely express yourself without the fear of rejection.

Safe Environment

One of the problems with recovery is that once you leave an inpatient rehab center it is far too easy to fall back into old habits. An intensive recovery center provides you with a safe and secure environment to help you understand the dangers of temptations and to understand why it is important for your mind and body to completely recover. Recovery centers provide activities which encourage you to engage your mind and body, learn how your brain has become reliant on the alcohol and how to safely avoid temptations in your everyday life.

Aftercare Support

Aftercare is extremely important for your recovery. An alcohol recovery center can help prevent a relapse, which keeps you from going back to your addiction. Aftercare through a recovery center should start immediately after you have completed the detox and initial treatment for the addiction. A recovery center will help you prepare for a safe transition back into your life before the addiction, while encouraging you to stay alcohol free.

Emotional Support

Staff members at a recovery center are trained to therapeutically interact with those who are fighting addiction. However, they are also emotionally invested in seeing their patients fully recover from their addictions. Outpatient therapy is assurance that you will receive the emotional support you need in order to recover from your addiction. One of the most important and integral factors of a recovery center is that you will be involved in a variety of therapies, including group therapy and individual therapy. These therapies are essential for your recovery, because not only do you learn you are not alone in your addiction, but it is possible for you to recover from the addiction.

Learning about your alcohol addiction, how to beat it, how to prevent a relapse and learning to use the appropriate tools are vital for your recovery. Alcoholism is a disease and the only way to overcome a disease is with professional help. Contact the Vantage Point in Malibu today to learn more about how a recovery center can help you or a loved one overcome an addiction.


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