Do you have a special project in mind, but aren’t sure how to accomplish it?  Working with natural materials usually involves skilled craftsmen, and custom stone fabrication is the secret to many of the gorgeous stonework projects that you see.

Despite what its name sounds like, custom stone fabrication is not the creation of man-made stones. Instead, it is the customization of natural stones to create stones that meet a customer’s exact specifications. This can be done for any type of stone-based project, though you may have only heard of it in the context of countertops.

Custom stone fabrication is both an art and a craft. You or your contractor work with the stone cutter to find a piece that will work with your project and coordinate with your other design elements. The stone cutters carefully consider each individual piece of stone, studying the grain in the stone to determine how to best reveal the stone’s natural beauty for your project. They then use saws and routers to cut and shape the piece, before polishing it for installation.

Why would you need custom stone fabrication? Actually, many people have custom fabricated stones in their homes and do not even realized it. If you have a solid-stone countertop, such as granite or marble, then it was custom fabricated. The space was measured and then the stone was custom fit for the area.

However, there is virtually no limit to what you can create with custom fabricated stones. Archways, gates, fences, decorative arrangements, countertops, and tiles are just some of the uses people have found for custom fabricated stone. The craftsmen at New Jersey Gravel and Sand will work with you or with your contractors to help find and shape the perfect stones for your project.

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