When you look at individuals in magazines or commercials, you can’t help but to notice how shiny and healthy their hair looks. With a top-tier hair salon, you can get hair that makes you feel confident every time you go to a special event, work function or even the grocery store. New York keratin straightening is one method you can use to bring your hair back to life and make it shine bright.

Crème Treatments
One popular type of New York keratin straightening treatment is known as the crème thermal. A cream-based relaxer is used to remove curls by relaxing your hair shaft’s outer layer. A salon can effectively regulate the cream’s strength to regulate its strengthening, thus allowing clients of all hair types to enjoy straight hair no matter how humid it is outdoors. A crème straight treatment, on the other hand, is ideal for those who don’t want bone-straight hair but instead would like to have a little body and a lovely natural swing.

Reconditioning Treatment
A top stylist can also introduce your hair to a deep conditioning treatment using a keratin formula that is protein-rich. This treatment is designed to eliminate frizz as well as soften and smooth your hair. Your hair will also have a gorgeous, natural looking shine. An added benefit of this type of treatment is that it will decrease your hair styling time; you also won’t need to blow dry your hair in the morning. A single treatment can last two or three months, with your hair growing out naturally and not having any visible root lines.

Pyramid Perm
Pyramid perms are also popular in modern salons. A stylist will use the biggest rollers at the scalp’s base and then use gradually smaller rollers as he or she stacks a pyramid of perm rods above. This will allow the ends of your hair to look soft and wavier, providing a natural finish that resembles women’s hairstyles following roller sets. With the guidance and expert touch of the right stylist, you truly can walk out of a hair salon looking and feeling beautiful this fall.

Paul Labrecque provides a variety of keratin hair treatments in New York. All technicians at this renowned salon are New York City-licensed and professionally trained through its extensive training program in all departments. To find out more about how the company can make your hair healthier and more attractive, visit website.

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