Traditionally, if you wanted to put a design or logo on a t-shirt, you had to use silkscreen or tie die. This is not the case anymore. Heat transfers for t-shirts is the option of choice these days. It is a cleaner, simpler process and utilizes different techniques than the more traditional practices of decorating plain t-shirts.

Making a Statement – Some Things Never Change

The practice of decorating t-shirts goes back for decades. This is a great way to make a statement to show that you are part of a group or to show off your uniqueness. No matter what your reasons, it is fun to have t-shirts with designs or logos that say something special.

Years ago, if you wanted a special t-shirt made, you needed to have it made by using silkscreen, iron-ons, or tie die. Silkscreen involved using an Exacto knife to cut a pattern, and there was no room for error. If a mistake was made, then you had to start over because the design would not look right if the pattern was not exact. Once the pattern was cut on the special film, it was placed on a screen. Again it had to be exact, or the design would not look right. Then when the screen was ready for use, the t-shirt was placed between the screen and another bracing screen, and the paint was applied by hand, then set aside to dry. The process was laborious. Heat transfers for t-shirts do not require nearly as much fuss and can be done much more quickly, without going through all of these steps. The tie die was easy to do, but there was no way to make detailed patterns with tie die. There are only so many options available when using rubber bands. Iron-ons were used with an iron, which adhered the design to the t-shirt. However, they were poor quality and before long, they would crack and fade.

Lasting Artworks

Today, heat transfers for t-shirts are both easy and allow for some detail without being labor intensive. They also have beautiful color that holds well. They don’t break or tear like their predecessors. The process works by using the best transfer inks available and screen printing them on premium coated release paper. This is far less messy than the old techniques. Heat transfers for t-shirts are easy to get in bulk and more cost effective, as well.

This is a fun way to create a group feeling for a team. Using heat transfers for t-shirts is a fantastic way to unify everyone for an event, reunion, or sport. It also marks that special occasion for a life time.

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