When you have elbow pain in Elgin, doing routine activities could be painful or next to impossible. Many people develop elbow pain after years of leaning on their elbows while using a desk at work or at home. Elbow pain could also develop if you do repetitive activities. Some disorders of the elbow are called tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow because they are common in people who do those sports.

Elbow pain could also develop as a result of an acute injury. A fall, auto accident or workout injury could result in elbow pain. Arthritis can also develop in the elbow joint. Some people develop ulnar nerve compression. This causes pain and a tingly feeling that can extend into your smallest two fingers.

There are many treatment options for elbow pain. In many people, the use of anti-inflammatory medication, ice, heat, rest, elevation, compression or a brace to limit movement is enough to settle the problem and reduce or eliminate the pain. Some people may need more intervention, such as physical therapy, working with a trainer or cortisone injections into the joint.

In some cases, a person with elbow pain may need to have surgery. Orthopedic surgery of the elbow is typically done on an outpatient basis. The incisions are small, which means that you can enjoy a rapid healing time. Some patients attend physical therapy after elbow surgery. For others, resuming ordinary daily activities is the equivalent to therapy. As soon as your nerve block wears off, you may be able to begin to move your elbow, doing things such as lifting a cup.

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