Places to Buy Gold Jewelry in Worcester MA

by | May 4, 2017 | Jewelry

When seeking to Buy Gold Jewelry in Worcester MA, customers have a few options. One option is the big chain department store with the cheap pricing. The problem there is that the cheap price often means cheap gold jewelry. The rings that turn fingers green or the necklaces that break apart just past the clasp are found at those huge department stores. Gold is either just plated or of poor quality. There are some pieces locked in the cases, but many of those are only ten karat gold, which will tarnish quickly and irritate the skin of those allergic to nickel. It is the most durable gold option, which makes it perfect for everyday wear for children, teenagers, and people with demanding jobs.

Gold jewelry that holds gemstones should be made of at least fourteen karat gold. That composition is strong enough to secure the additional elements, but will produce a brighter shine and not tarnish fast. It is important to remember when going to Buy Gold Jewelry in Worcester MA that the higher the karat number, the softer and more fragile the gold. The highest number is twenty-four karats which is pure gold, so it is highly susceptible to bending and breaking. Most pieces are only worn for special occasions to avoid damage. Twenty-four karat gold jewelry, coins, bars, and bullion are often purchased as an investment because gold retains its value better than currency does.

Before settling for cheap gold, check out a local jewelry store, such as Cormier Jewelers. The affordable pricing of high-quality jewelry will surprise most shoppers. Gold is available in a wide karat range, so less expensive pieces are offered. Some jewelry stores also maintain a website, which increases the volume of regular sales. That situation helps to keep prices low. Some jewelry stores will also purchase gold from customers at generous payouts. An assessment will be made of old jewelry or pieces not worn any longer, and a price for the gold is offered. Customers can decide to sell the pieces or take them back home. It is also possible to have gold melted down to create new pieces if the store offers custom designs for unique and special one-of-a-kind pieces.

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