When it’s time to plan your own or a loved one’s funeral, the last thing you want to consider is cost. However, the truth of the matter is a funeral is one of the costliest occasions consumers face. The ironic part of the matter is that many people make their funeral and burial or Cremation in Forest Hill based on emotion rather than cost. It’s sad but true that no matter how much you spend or don’t spend, the deceased is still dead. The amount of money spent does not indicate how much you did or didn’t love them, nor will it bring them back to you.


Like any major expenditure, consumers would be wise to shop around for the best cost for the services required. Some people have it in their mind that only a funeral with burial will do, and that’s fine if that’s what the loved one wanted. But, the demand for Cremation in Forest Hill is growing, and saving a lot of money for individuals willing to go this route. Because in most cases, the ashes aren’t buried, a cremation is approximately 1/3 the cost of a traditional burial. The funeral service is the same, but there are no casket, plot or headstone costs involved. Shopping around for the lowest cost of cremation is always a smart idea.


Consumers have rights in the funeral industry, and it’s no different when comparing prices. If you walk into a funeral home and ask for pricing, by law, they are required to provide a complete list of prices to be taken with you. Additionally, if shoppers call asking for pricing, the funeral home is required to provide that information as well. While many funeral homes offer a package or “combo” deal, as a consumer, it’s your right to buy “a la carte” services.


It’s so easy to let emotions run rampant over the checkbook when planning a funeral, but do your best to let the more level-headed person do the planning. This person will be able to coincide the budget with the desires of the deceased and the religious affiliation.

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