Though death has always been a natural part of life, most families are never prepared to deal with the passing of a loved one. Apart from the emotional travesty they’ll have to undergo, they also need to make a lot of phone calls, decisions, and arrangements to organize all the things that need to be done. These decisions will include whether to perform a traditional burial ceremony or a cremation.

Though cremations are, in many ways, simpler than a traditional funeral, the family still needs to prepare for the aftermath, which is the Cremation Memorials in Deltona FL. The planning and execution of this service entail a great many details including notification of friends and loved ones, estate management, and the organization of the service. Cremation Memorials in Deltona FL can take many forms depending on the wishes of the deceased, the deceased’s family, and their cultural and religious affiliations. No matter the type of memorial service chosen, Fourtowns Cremation Inc. can ensure the plans become reality. The following are some ideas which can be incorporated into a memorial service to make it more memorable and meaningful.

Casket Viewing

Some families may opt to have a casket viewing before the cremation. This allows colleagues, friends, and families to have a final look at the deceased before the actual cremation. It gives them the opportunity to say their last goodbyes.

Customized displays

Themed and customized displays, when properly incorporated, can bring life to the funeral proceedings. It involves the incorporation of the deceased’s hobbies and interests into the memorial service. For instance, if the deceased was a pilot or an airplane enthusiast, shaping the casket in form of an airplane or hanging his collection around the entrance may be a great idea. There are a lot of creative ideas which can be integrated.

Other ideas include a photo tribute, a personalized urn, and a video presentation. The photo tribute involves the development of a photo memory display board that showcases timelines or important events in the deceased’s life. A video presentation, if properly planned, is a great idea for a memorial service. In cases where the deceased might have known that his or her death in imminent, a video can capture the person’s last message to friends and loved one’s. Also, interviews with family members, describing their feelings about the deceased, can be recorded and showcased at the memorial service.

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