Did you know that pole barn construction is patterned after ancient Greek buildings like the Parthenon? The term “pole barn” ruffles feathers in the construction industry because it usually has two connotations: large and cheap. However, those in the construction industry realize that pole buildings should be known for their strength, versatility, and adaptability.

Built for Strength

A pole building differs from other buildings in it’s construction. Traditionally constructed buildings use stick framing built on a concrete foundation for continuous load support. Pole buildings, known by those in construction as post-frame buildings, use vertical posts buried 4-6 feet into the ground as the main load bearers. With posts anchored directly into the ground, post-frame construction more efficiently transfers wind force and snow loads to the ground without undue pressure on building components. Since Pole Buildings in Sandpoint ID require no major foundation to maintain their strength, costs for concrete and excavation are significantly lower than their stick-frame counterparts.

Built for Versatility

Post construction allows for tremendous versatility, but many people mistakenly think of pole buildings as ugly square monstrosities. They fail to realize, as those in construction will attest, it’s much easier to add porches and overhangs to posts than traditional stud walls. Post-frame construction allows for significant freedom and affordability with exterior design to customize buildings to any aesthetic standard. While post-frame buildings are stylish on the outside, they are also designed for versatility on the inside. Because it requires no load-bearing interior walls and uses larger clear-span trusses, post-frame construction allows for large open spaces for any number of uses.

Built for Adaptability

Designed to withstand changes in both interior and exterior soil wall pressures, post-framing is easily adaptable to most site conditions. Post-frame construction is site-adaptable to the end since final grading can be completed even after construction is finished. Post-frame buildings adapt well to most deadlines and budgets as well. Larger components mean fewer components which translates to shorter construction time and lower costs. The larger components in pole buildings also allow the on-center spacing of 8 feet or more which not only makes large wall openings possible, but it also creates larger wall cavities with more room for continuous insulation and higher energy efficiency.

Just because some are big and ugly doesn’t mean all Pole Buildings in Sandpoint ID have to be. For personal service and design using premium bolted trusses, visit Townandcountrybuilders.com for the highest quality in post-frame construction.

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