Even when winter’s biting winds and heavy snow make it seem that warmer weather will never arrive, it isn’t too early to start getting a home’s heating, cooling and ventilation system ready for the hot summer months. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is putting off regular service or ignoring the small signs that indicate an HVAC system is having problems. They regret it deeply when they have to call on HVAC Service in Colorado Springs CO during a heat wave.

First steps in preparing an HVAC system for summer

The first major step homeowners need to take is to do a thorough inspection of the entire system. This includes looking and listening for any problems that could arise. Homeowners should look for loose electrical connections after turning off the circuit breakers to the cooling and heating systems. Dust and debris that have piled up should be removed. Air filters will likely need to be cleaned or replaced. Homeowners should listen for problems as well. Rubbing or grating noises, squeaks or other unexpected sounds that occur when moving parts are inspected by hand need to be checked further for damage.

Regular maintenance jobs that are important

There are some jobs homeowners need to do on a regular schedule to help their HVAC system work at its maximum effectiveness. Changing air filters is one of the easiest, but often most overlooked, tasks in keeping the HVAC system running properly. Most experts recommend changing the air filters every 90 days. Cleaning the system’s registers, vents and ducts before and during the cooling season will help make it run more efficiently and keep dust and other particles outside rather than inside the home. An outside unit needs to be cleaned and maintained as well. Removing leaves and other debris will also help the unit run more efficiently.

Signs that HVAC servicing may be necessary

Situations eventually arise in which homeowners aren’t able to handle inspection, maintenance or repair tasks themselves. A system that won’t work properly or at all, poor air quality in the home and unusually high energy bills are all reasons to call on HVAC experts to identify and fix the problems. For HVAC Service in Colorado Springs CO, call on Smith Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Browse our website for more information.

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