Most basements are underground, thus leaving them susceptible to leaks. Water in the soil can seep into the walls or up through the foundation, and enter the basement. A leaky basement can pose many problems for a home. It can cause water and mildew damage to the various items stored in the basement. It can also promote mold growth. This can pose risks to the health of those living in the home. Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC in Baltimore can offer services to stop water from entering a basement.

Crawlspace encapsulating

Many homes have crawlspaces under them. These areas are prone to water leakage. This is often due to dirt flooring or limited protection from the water around the home. This area is a prime area for mold growth and damage to the home due to the humidity and temperature of the area. Crawlspace encapsulation can help minimize these problems. A liner can be placed to stop all water from entering. A heavy duty liner or dehumidifier can be used for high traffic or high problem crawlspaces.

Foundation repair

Cracks in a foundation can be a common source of water leaking into a basement are. These cracks can develop over time due to the home settling. When the cracks start, water can seep in, causing the cracks to become worse, eventually, causing leaks and problems in the basement. Foundation repair can help restore the foundation and repair the cracks to stop the water from leaking into the basement. It can also help to maintain the integrity of the home.

Basement waterproofing system

In addition to the other services suggested, the best method for keeping water out of the basement is the system provided by Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC in Baltimore. They offer a complete system that diverts water from the basement, as well as seals out any remaining water. The main feature of this system is the sub floor channels. These channels divert water from the basement to one or more sump pump.

A vinyl wall-cover plate is also utilized to provide a separation between the walls and floor. This allows water to freely flow back to the ground and out of the home. In addition, wall liners can be used to prevent any residual water from seeping into the basement. For more information about this system, or to schedule a free inspection, Click Here.

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