Preventing water damage on Roof and Flashings in Bellevue

by | May 14, 2013 | Home Improvement

Have You ever had or know someone who has had water damage in their home? Maybe even a newer home with a leak in the roof or mold? It is a terrible pesky problem most homeowners will experience in their lifetime and the worst part is that it is completely preventable and homeowners just do not know the signs that it can and will happen.

Getting Your gutters cleaned regularly and fixing them right away at the first sign of damage is a great preventive measure. Doing this ensures no water will find its way in to Your homes siding to cause water damage or mold growth to start. Having Your roof inspected yearly is also recommended its easier to find the problem early and get it repaired then to be enjoying a night in with the family on a rainy night and discover You have a leak that now needs major and pricey work to be fixed that was My experience at least Getting My Flashing repaired in My home in Bellevue was something I never knew had to be done I noticed a very small leak in my home and a friend told me it had to be my Flashing’s as they looked a little mangled I quickly found a contractor using Google and the words “Flashings Bellevue” Its was pricey work but if I would have had My home inspected Yearly I have faced That problem.

Another great preventive measure is trimming any Trees that are near Your home branches close enough to hang over Your roof. Trees hold water after it rains and the constant water dripping and wet leaves resting on Your roof will cause Your shingles to need to be replaced much quicker and also lead to a leak if not treated soon enough. The only alternative to having Your trees trimmed regularly that i have found would be getting the tree permanently or investing in a rubber or metal roof. even though the roofs area tad more expensive they pay for them self in the long run by not having to be replaced every ten years or sooner.

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