For the most part, dental assistants are not allowed to perform procedures solo. Mostly because it’s just not their department, or what they’re trained for. However, depending on the state you operate in, a dental assistant is allowed to perform certain tasks. These aren’t very complicated tasks, mind you, but they are tasks you’ll find used every day. So, if you are preparing to attend dental assistant school in Jacksonville FL, and you would like to know what these procedures are for your own curiosity or education, here are the most common ones.

#1. Coronal polishing
Sometimes brushing isn’t enough, the plaque has built up too much for too long in a certain area, making it impossible for it to be removed by any means that aren’t by a professional. Which is why in some states, a dental assistant is allowed to perform coronal polishing. This practice removes soft deposits like plaque, as well as any other tooth ailment similar in nature, which gives the tooth a cleaner appearance. It’s a simple procedure, like the others on this list, which is why dental assistants are trusted with it in many states.

#2. Fluoride application
Everyone who’s gone to the dentist has had fluoride applied to his or her teeth at least once. Fluoride is an extra countermeasure of sorts, that helps your teeth retain the whiteness gained from the checkup for a longer period of time. While not permanent, if you keep up regular visits to your dentist, it might as well be, because they will always make sure to apply it. And since it’s basically just rubbing a swab covered in fluoride along your teeth, dental assistants are expected to do it across America.

#3. Sealant application
Sometimes, your teeth are so close to developing cavities, that extra preventative measures are required in order to keep that from happening. So after your checkup, your dentist, or in this case, your dental assistant, will apply a special sealant, meant as an extra defense against food and acid producing bacteria. This will keep the teeth from producing cavities, though they will inform you to not tempt fate, and avoid drinking any fluids that have acid producing bacteria as much as you can.

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