One of the major things to check when purchasing a home is the windows. Windows that leak moisture, cold air in the winter, or hot air in the summer are not acceptable. If the home has damaged or outdated windows, ask to have them replaced or the price of the home to be lowered to allow the replacement of those windows. Replacing substandard windows is a big expense. Living with energy-wasting windows can be expensive when heating and cooling expenses are considered. Window Replacements in Colorado Springs can pay for themselves in energy savings.

Updating Windows

Older homes often have windows that are not only inefficient energy wise but outdated style wise. While old windows are being replaced, consider each window’s size and placement. Is there a room that looks dark and closed in? How much would it cost to enlarge existing windows or even add one or two windows? That small window facing the backyard could be replaced with a french door to make outdoor living easier. This is especially good to consider for dining rooms or family rooms.

Changing windows that are oddly sized or shaped to standard sizes or shapes can save money on the project if it works. What about moving window locations? It adds a little cost but can make a huge difference when it comes to room function. If the kitchen is being remodeled with a different cabinet configuration, a window may need to be moved or added for the new design to work. Please consider the look and balance of the exterior when moving windows.


If the windows are old and worn, the doors have probably seen better days too. With new, stylish windows, doors can be purchased and installed to complete the new look. A new door can change the whole look of the entry to a home. The door can change the entry of the home from ho-hum to impressive. The front door can be changed from a solid slab of wood or metal to a welcoming entrance to the home that includes glass inserts and even side lights. When the door is being changed, a new-style locking and security system can be added for family safety and convenience.

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