In this post, we’ll go over the main differences between professional paper destruction and DIY shredding.


Amongst the major things overlooked with do-it-yourself shredding is security. Usually, you trust your staff to destroy paperwork promptly and securely. However, with insider privacy breaches increasing you have to be extra cautious if you select this option. A single compromised document is able to send your whole business into a damaging tailspin.

As you select a professional Paper Destruction company in Oklahoma City, you’ll receive screened security experts trained to keep confidential data secure. They’ll follow stringent chain of custody processes all throughout the whole process of destruction. In addition, your organization’s shredded papers are blended with a ton of shredded paper from additional companies to protect your data from reconstruction or identification.


DIY shredding, at first glance, seems easy and quick, yet office shredders are extremely slow. For instance, purging 4 boxes of out-of-date legal records using an office shredder may take several hours. Prior to the shredding even beginning, sticky notes, paper clips, and staples have to be removed from the papers. Next, as many shredders only can handle a couple of sheets of paper at one time, every file must be separated into easily shredded parts. Then, as the shredding receptacle fills up, it has to be emptied. That does not even factor in the periodic paper jam that will tack on even more time to an already time-consuming procedure.

Expert document destruction is a lot more efficient. Files and documents may be rapidly dumped into a safe collection container offered by your destruction partner then destroyed on-site at your company within just a matter of minutes.


Let us say you have a staff member who spends 20 minutes per day or 7 hours per month shredding papers. If you multiply this figure by your labor rate, you will get an idea of what your do-it-yourself shredding expenses are. However, that does not account for the cost of your office shredder or additional employee-associated expenses that will boost your costs even more. As you outsource shredding, you’ll eliminate the necessity of paying your staff to shred documents. You instead, free them up to concentrate on revenue-generating activities.

As you do the math, expert paper destruction can be more cost effective than do-it-yourself shredding.

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