Protect Your Pennsylvania Building with a Lightning Protection System

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Business

Lightning strikes happen more often than people realize. Having a commercial building that is several stories tall in Pennsylvania leaves the building open to lightning strikes. If you want to protect your building against the damaging effects of lightning, you should consider installing a lightning protection system.

What the Lightning Protection System Does

Imagine if you could grab a lightning bolt and disburse it into something that has almost no energy and no effect. That is essentially what this system does. When a lightning bolt strikes, the system’s equipment grabs the energy of the bolt and splits it into several directions down to the ground to be absorbed there. The heat and power of the bolt is absorbed by the equipment, preventing the damage that a single bolt of lightning could do.

The System Is Designed to Handle Lightning Indefinitely

Like lightning towers that harness the electrical power of lightning, a lightning protection system cannot be destroyed or damaged. If you ever have any concerns about the equipment not working right or seeming as though it is damaged, contact the installers. It is highly unlikely, but the installers can check and verify that the system is still working as expected.

Installing the system requires multiple points of contact for the equipment, so the pieces might crisscross the roof and touch down to the ground. Roof access during installation is necessary. If you are ready to get the protection system installed, contact Continental Power Corporation via

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