Many home and business owners are choosing to get back up generators near Glenview. Power failures due to storms, severe weather or problems with the grid can happen unexpectedly. Sometimes, outages can last for several hours. This means that you’ll be unable to use any appliance that run on electrical power during this time. Your HVAC system won’t work, which can make things quite uncomfortable, especially in winter or during the hot summer months. If you run a business, losing power means that your activities will be interrupted. This can make you lose thousands of dollars if you’re not able to serve your customers.

There are many models of back-up generators near Glenview to choose from. We provide high quality Generac generators, such as the automatic Guardian model. This generator will start instantly when you lose power for a seamless transition. As generator experts, we’re ready to provide you with advice on what kind of generator will work best based on your need.

When you’ve made your choice, we’ll set up a service appointment to get your generator installed. Professional installation ensures that everything is set up safely and properly. Our skilled technicians can handle any generator installation project in Glenview and the surrounding areas.

Generator Maintenance and Repairs

In addition to selling new generators, we also service existing units. Generators, just like any other kind of machinery, require regular maintenance and may occasionally run into problems that require attention from a professional technician. If you’re experiencing problems with your generator or it’s almost time for your scheduled maintenance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Quality Generator Services in the Glenview Area

Penco Electric has been proudly providing generator sales, installation, maintenance and repair services for over 25 years. Visit their website to find out more about us.

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