When individuals notice bedbugs in their home, they can have real problems trying to get rid of them. These minuscule insects often travel to other areas of the house besides just the bedroom to cause a full-blown infestation. Individuals who have a bedbug infestation can read the questions and answers below to learn about getting rid of these pests inside their home.

How does a person’s house become infested with bedbugs?

The most common place for bedbugs to live is in bed and the mattresses. When individuals are asleep at night, these insects come out of their hiding spots to feed on the blood of humans.

Since they’re most often found in and around a bed, individuals will get them on their clothes or in their suitcase when they’re staying at a motel, cruise ship, dormitory or an apartment. Other places where individuals can pick up bedbugs include subways, buses and trains.

Is it dangerous when individuals are bitten by bedbugs?

When individuals wake up from sleeping, they may notice red, itchy spots on their skin, which is caused by bedbug bites. Although these bites are bothersome, they don’t pose any real health concerns for most individuals. People who have an allergic reaction to the bedbug bites or if they’ve been bitten multiple times, may need to seek medical attention.

What are the first steps to getting rid of bedbugs?

Individuals should first contact a professional extermination company, such as Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Columbia MD, and schedule an appointment. Before the exterminator arrives, individuals must wash and dry all of the bedding inside the home. After it’s cleaned, individuals should place the linens in a plastic bag and seal the opening.

Individuals must also wash or clean all clothing, shoes, toys, curtains, rugs, wall decor and furniture that’s inside the house. All the carpeting, mattresses and upholstered furniture must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove as many bedbugs as possible.

Individuals who have a bedbug infestation in their home can contact Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Columbia MD for affordable and reliable service. Browse the Website to learn more information about the company and to take advantage of their money saving offers.

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