When speaking with a sealcoating contractor in Madison WI, people often fail to ask which sealcoating product will be used during the process. They assume there is only one type of sealcoater or that the contractor will use the right product for the job. However, it is the responsibility of the property owner to know what to look for when choosing a professional of this type. Sadly, not all contractors are reputable, so the more information a property owner has, the easier it will be to make an informed decision regarding their property.

Asphalt-Based Sealers

This is what many people think of when sealcoating comes to mind. As the surface is made of asphalt, it appears to make sense to use the same type of product to protect the surface and maintain it. While it is true that any sealcoat is better than nothing, asphalt may not be the right choice for your property. Work with the contractor to determine the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Refined Tar Sealers

Asphalt is porous, making it susceptible to damage from petroleum products, salt, and chemicals, and the same is true of an asphalt-based sealcoat. However, a refined tar sealer is better able to resist these substances, thus it is an option every property owner should consider. One benefit of using the refined tar sealer is it lasts longer than its asphalt counterpart-;typically a year longer. Individuals need to keep this in mind when deciding between the two.

Speak to the Sealcoating Contractor in Madison WI to determine which product will be used. While most property owners will find they have a choice between the two offerings, market demand may play a role in which is available in the area. Furthermore, contractors do tend to have a preference. If the contractor strongly pushes one product or type over the other, be sure to ask why. The contractor should be able to provide a reasonable explanation for why this is the best option. If he or she cannot, continue looking for a contractor who is ready and willing to provide this information. It’s your property and you want to make certain it receives the appropriate care at all times. Visit Tricountypaving.com to learn more about these products and how to choose between the two.

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