In many developing countries throughout Africa, businesses are finding there is a challenge in staying connected and using the latest in technology. Without a national internet infrastructure, even companies in less remote areas may find terrestrial types of internet solutions are simply ineffective, lack the capacity and features required, and do not offer reliable internet connectivity.

The answer to this problem in many areas, including in South Sudan, is to turn to VSAT providers. However, it would be a mistake to assume all VSAT service providers offer the same quality of connectivity, ability to manage and maintain their network and to provide the uptime required for a growing business.

By taking the time to ask specific questions of VSAT providers, small, mid and large sized companies in remote or more urban areas can evaluate the services provided. Comparing the various providers and learning about their VSAT systems will help to select the ideal provider for your needs.

Latency Issues in the System

An important question to ask providers, particularly if the internet will be used for VoIP technology and streaming or live video applications, is about the latency on the system. Top satellite networks are seamless in their development, allowing for extremely low latency levels during all times of use.

For users, there is no delay, no pauses, and no unusual issues with either audio or video lag over the service. This will be essential in virtual meetings and in VoIP phone services using the internet connection.

Installation and Deployment

Any business in South Sudan needs to ask about installation and deployment of the system. Some Best VSAT providers are extremely good a rapid response to new customers, providing extremely fast installation times and even providing on-site training for management and maintenance of the equipment.

Whilst pricing is an important consideration and question as well, system performance and customer support are also critical factors and should always be considered when making a choice.

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