If a loved one is having a hard time doing their household chores or keeping up with medication schedules, it important to know what options there are for Elder Care Services in Tampa FL. One of the highest rated home health agencies in Florida gives some advice on some questions to ask to ensure that loved ones receive the care they need. Request a customized program that is created to help them maintain a lifestyle.

Will there be a Need for Ongoing Medical Attention?

This could be dialysis, colostomy care or things of this nature. Family First Homecare Tampa has Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses providing hourly services for anywhere from 1-24 hours a day. They are trained to handle these types of things at home if that is what the patient is accustomed to. In those situations where these procedures are done at a physician’s office or outpatient center, there are certified aids that assist with transportation to these appointments.

Are the caregivers trained?

A team of caregivers is made up of several different specialists.

First, the Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses have years of experience. They are trained to care for tracheostomy’s, feeding tubes, pain management and medication, central line care and to monitor ventilators. They work on several different schedules but can provide as much as 24 hour a day coverage if needed. They also provide hospice, post-hospital care, short-term and long-term care.

The Certified Nurse Assistants or Home Health Aides are highly skilled in assisting the loved one with the activities that they are accustomed to for a daily living. This includes reminders to take medicine, assistance with personal grooming, transfers, ambulation, range of motion, verbal cueing and overall companion type services.

There are also certified aides that can help with things like errands, transportation, housekeeping, meal preparation and personal care.
Last, there are Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists with all the credentials and experience to back them up. These are very common after a hospital stay and a specific schedule can be arranged to meet the need.

Those that are seeing that the time has come for help with a loved one, turn to Family First Homecare Tampa. They offer Elder Care Services in Tampa FL that are personalized for each patient. Take the time to schedule a free in-home assessment and see if this seems like something that the family could benefit from. Visit https://www.myfamilyfirsthctampa.com/ .

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