Reasons Hiring a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Can be Beneficial to an Accident Victim

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Lawyer

Many times when a person has been seriously injured in a vehicle accident, they may not understand how important hiring a Phoenix Personal Injury lawyer can be. Often a victim will assume that if the person who caused the accident has insurance and there is no question about their responsibility for the accident, all the expenses the victim incurs will be covered. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In many cases, it may require the services of a lawyer for a victim to receive fair and reasonable compensation for their expenses.


Very often people overlook the fact that an insurance company is in business to make money. One way they can do this is by keeping the amount they pay to victims as low as possible. This leads most insurance companies to work very diligently to find ways to avoid compensating a victim for as many expenses as possible. Because of this, it can often be difficult for a person to obtain a fair settlement from the insurance company unless they have an experienced lawyer helping them with the process.

A Phoenix Personal Injury lawyer will know the types of expenses the insurance company will be trying not to pay. Because of this, the lawyer will work to override the objections of the insurance company about these expenses. They will know and understand the same laws and rules the insurance company is using to avoid these charges and this can help them in their quest to prove the validity of the charges.

Having a lawyer from a firm, like Robert Ramirez Law, can be helpful by handling dealing with the insurance company for the victim. This can be helpful, as insurance companies tend to try to entice accident victims into reaching a settlement agreement too early. If this is done, the victim may end up having to pay for portions of their medical or other expenses, which occur after the settlement. Most victims do not understand how frequently injuries can require long periods of treatment and rehabilitation. It is very difficult to determine when an injury has been treated and the issue resolved. Settling a case before this type of information is resolved can be very financially damaging for the victim. By having a lawyer helping them with these decisions, this type of situation can often be avoided.

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