Moving can be expensive. Whether you are moving to or from Raleigh, the expenses to disconnect and reconnect utilities, buy boxes and other packing materials, pay for gas for the trip and other expenses can add up quickly. Many people begin to look at their budgets and think “I can do this on my own” to save a few dollars or should I hire professional movers. Raleigh is home to these professional experts, but let’s first look at the less-than-desirable options available for an upcoming move.

Just Handle It
You don’t have many heavy things right? No major staircases … so you can handle it. Between yourself, your spouse and anyone else living in the house, surely you can just rent a truck and move it all on your own. Think twice about this option. Someone could get seriously injured lifting a heavy object incorrectly or slipping while carrying one end of a couch. How are you going to adjust to your new location if you’re injured before you even get there? Do you know where the closest hospital is located to your new home?

Recruit Friends and Family
Okay, so you know you have some big furniture that you can’t move on your own. So you ask a few strong friends to lend their hands. Remember that you’ll have to pay them in pizza, and you’ll owe them a returned favor one day. On top of that (and the same risk of injury), consider the costs associated with this option.

You need to provide for your friends first of all, and you will likely need to rent a dolly for the heavy stuff and purchase some moving blankets for the delicate items. On top of that, include the cost to rent your moving truck and drive it from Point A to Point B and to pay for the gas for the trip. You also need a driver for the truck and a driver in your vehicle so you may be riding on your own and paying for a friend to hitch a ride back.

Hire Local Movers
After considering the many risks associated with doing it yourself, the best option available is to hire professional movers. Raleigh has many quality movers to choose from. A moving company is staffed with movers who are highly capable of moving you in and out of your home efficiently and without injury. They also have insurance in case anything undesirable does happen. These companies includes capable movers, moving carts and moving blankets for use in any move. Minimize risk by trusting your valuables to the professionals.

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