Winters are becoming more and more unpredictable everywhere. It is sometimes a problem to get fuel delivery due to shortages. This leaves people in the cold with no way to prepare food. It is important to find an experienced company with immense storage spaces for a variety of fuels. This raises the likelihood of reliable deliveries of propane gas in Madison.

Priority Services

Most companies offer priority services to long-time customers, those with delivery contracts, and local businesses. It is wise to research companies as soon as the business or family relocates to Connecticut to establish a relationship. A large company, such as East River Energy, can provide propane gas to Madison, surrounding areas, and thirteen states in total. Becoming a customer before the winter season will mean a slot in the scheduled deliveries in your area.

A Dependable Fleet

The best way to provide fast and on time deliveries is to own and operate a company fleet. Since 1984 the fleet has been built up to include over fifty vehicles. The fleet is diverse and can transport all products offered by the company. Propane gas, heating oil, products and services for heating and cooling systems, and pool water are included in residential services. Routine maintenance on the fleet is closely monitored to keep vehicles in top condition and ready to go for deliveries as well as emergency calls.

Flexible Price Plans

Circumstances and income levels differ greatly from family to family and business to business. Accommodating needs is accomplished with flexible price plans from which customers can choose. The most common plan is a budget plan that allows customers to spread total fuel costs over twelve months. Few companies offer more options than that. Four plans are offered to customers of the company in Madison.

Customers can select among two budget plans and two plans based on the price of the day. Customers who wish to pay for fuel as they go along will pay the current market price for that date. Those who want to budget fuel expenses can have a cap placed on the price per gallon or pay the daily market price. Visit the website for more information.

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