Traditional water softeners were cumbersome and expensive to maintain. The expense and use of chemicals and sodium chloride or a potassium chloride salts to reduce the effects of hard water demanded by water softener systems presented a drawback to property owners looking for a cheap and low maintenance solution. The introduction of electronic water descaling systems to the consumer market now offers a simple replacement to conventional water softening systems.

What Are the Causes of Hard Water?

Lime scale and other mineral heavy residues on bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets is a chemical process caused by ionization bound to water molecules. Hard water laden with metal ions is more likely to leave lime scale on fixtures. Plumbing systems and pipes damaged from lime scale can galvanize. In addition, water heater breakage as a result of lime scale densities, and slow water flows may also be responsible for higher utility bills.

How the Water Descaling Process Works

The installation of an electronic water descaling system at the main line to a building stems the flow into internal plumbing. Electronic descaling is the most effective method of reducing metal deposit build-up. Designed and engineered for use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, electronic descaling systems purify the water ionization process.

Descaling uses an electro-magnetic process generated from a coil inserted into the water main. It is by way of this electro-magnetic process that water stability returns. Wave frequency interruption of metal density present in water during descaling, results in the conversion of mineral deposits at the molecular level, so that those ions only adhere to the water itself rather than other minerals or surfaces such as pipes and fixtures.

Descaling Solutions to Lime Scale in Hard Water

Once a property owner has decided that the hard water in their building or home must be treated, the next step is to decide on a method of intervention. If conventional water softeners seem unappealing, the best solution is an electronic water descaling system.

While electronic descaling systems do not soften the water, they mitigate the process leading to hard water. The result is far more economical and efficient than conventional water softener solutions. Following the one time installation process, descaling equipment does not require maintenance.  Once installed, a descaler will clear tap water of unwanted minerals without extra inputs.

Hard water reduces the lifespan of appliances and plumbing systems. Buildings installed with an electronic descaling system will have a reduced chance of dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and plumbing breaking. If hard water is causing lime scale in your kitchens and baths, or damaged appliances, the best solution on the market is a water descaling system.

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